Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blondies for Beginners

As my mom says, "perfect practice makes perfect."
Well, let's just say my practice is anything but perfect. 

"One-fourth a cup of canola oil," the recipe said, just one-fourth, a seemingly simple task for my array of measuring devises. However, my brain had a different idea. "Oh, well if you use two one-halves it equals one-fourth." I am actually particularly ashamed of this 'brain-fart'. 

However, I am not sad that this slip-up cause me to have to double my recipe. (Thanks mom for seeing the easiest solution to my slip-up before I trashed the whole batch!I honestly had no idea, whatsoever, of what I should do. At least, my friends will be happy, since I am taking them to school with me.) Thankfully my mom has MUCH more experience with baking than I do. It's not that I am knew to this whole 'baking-scene', I think we've all helped make brownies or a cake a time or two. I just decided after many, many previous baking mishaps, that I should take a second look at baking and give it a real chance.

So, here I am, making my first blog post on a batch of birthday cake flavored blondie bars from one of my favorite baking blogs. (I'll link it down below) I'm here to share with you all my baking experiences as a beginner. There might not be many fancy recipes that require techniques I have never heard of, but there will be the tales of my many mess-ups and the recipes I try. I'm definitely am not perfect, I am very impatient, and really not a good follower-of-directions, two of which baking requires, but I'm ready to try my best to at least become OK at baking. (Which, honestly, would be a welcomed accomplishment, because I've had my brothers tell me that my cupcakes tasted like fish and felt like sponges.)

Anyways, back to the blondies. I'm not the best at following recipes,but I was disappointed when I couldn't find enough sprinkles or when I didn't have enough extra Oreos to crumble over the top. Thankfully, they were still delicious. 

Yes, these are my beloved blondies in a tupperware container ready to go school in honor of my friend and my approaching birthdays.  And yes, this picture is quite awful, let's all pray that the quality of pictures improves with my baking skills (then again, maybe that's not a good idea).

These blondies were actually incredibly simple to make, despite my speed bumps that made it seem like the equivalent of a recipe right out of a Julia Child's cook book. The blog that I used the recipe from, Sally's Baking Addiction, has the same affinity with birthday cake flavored treats as I do. This recipe includes Golden Oreos, which are a brilliant touch, in my opinion.  She says it's optional to also use white chocolate chips, which I did, and add as many sprinkles as the maker pleases. Mine definitely are not quite as pretty because of the lack of sprinkles, and frankly, skill. However, I do believe this is a good recipe for beginners (who know how to measure, which is probably everyone but me).

Golden Oreo Cake Batter Blondie Recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction

Best of luck! (:
(I promise they will most likely turn out better than mine)